Community Indicators

CityNews allows users to compare their community with others in Chicago.

What sets CityNews apart from other Internet based property search engines is its community indicators and vitality index component. Indicators can help summarize the current situation of a community area and can help to plan for trends at a simple glance of the map. CityNews has several indicators that are currently available with plans to add additional ones in the near future.

Indicator Example:

Access the Community Indicators by using the drop down menu in the Map Options box.

Major Groceries per 10,000 People (By Ward)


Access to quality retail goods can be an indicator of a community's health and its investment climate. Grocery stores are particularly important, since the repercussions of having or not having access not only impacts the pocketbooks of residents, but their physical health. The lack of a major grocery store could translate to people having to travel further to purchase their groceries or to pay higher prices if they have few options beyond convenience stores. It could also translate to poor consumption habits, if lack of access to a store means lack of access to fresh fruits and vegetables and other wholesome fresh foods. This analysis looks at four major grocery stores: Jewel, Dominick's, Aldi and Cub Foods. We examined the fraction of grocery stores per 10,000 people.

The shading on the map corresponds to the colors and values listed in the legend indicating how many grocery stores are located in a particular Ward.


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